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10 Things Men Do that Turn Women Off in Bed (Must Read)

Part of what guarantees a strong relationship is the ability of the male partner to efficiently satisfy the female counterpart on bed to prevent incidences of cheat*ng.
If there are times your woman turns her back on you when you feel like having s*x, it could just be that you are the cause of her lukewarmness.
There are some things a man does during s*x without even realising that his woman is not comfortable and like the good girl mama brought up, she may not want to hurt your ego by telling you how sloppy you are.
But deep down, she feels like shugging you off like a dirty piece of rag and never ever contemplate going to bed with you again.

These are the 10 top things guys do that their women get turned off.

1. The slurpy kisser
Oh, so you think you are the world’s greatest kisser and you want to swallow her tongue, lips and teeth all in one go? Well, this is grounds to turn her off instantly.
If you kiss your woman using excess saliva and predominant use of tongue outside of mouth, you are likely to make her want to puke. No woman wants saliva drooling into her mouth and has to hurry to the toilet to rinse her mouth.
2. Going too fast
Rushing foreplay, or even worse, skipping it entirely is the cardinal sin of s*x. If you are about to have $ex with a woman and she isn’t turned on, go back to first base and start again.
Trying to force your way in is both painful and rude. Women take longer than men to get aroused. And spitting on your hand and rubbing your phallus so as to lubricate her is not considered foreplay.
3. Not listening
Most men are guilty of this and it is a great turn off. Unless you have a genuine hearing problem, there is no excuse for this. When a woman tells you she likes what you’re doing and not to stop, listen to her. Also, when a woman squeals ‘ouch,’ that means it hurts.
When you hear that word, don’t think she is enjoying so much and wants you to keep hammering at her; you need to stop whatever it is that you’re doing immediately, or do it more gently or slower. The one thing not to do is continue what the ‘ouch’ induced in the first place.
4. Not letting the woman come first
Most women would not forgive you for this. Always let the woman come first, or die trying. They do not care what you have to do to make this happen but you just have to figure it out.

One thing not to do is keep telling her you want her to come or that you’re waiting for her to come. That is an extremely pressure inducing statement that will guarantee to stress her out and will ultimately backfire.
5. Being selfish
Some men think they are doing the woman a favour by just having s*x with her but hey, you are committing another cardinal sin. Laying back with your hands behind your head and expecting a woman to service you while you do nothing to her is hysterical. And by hysterical, I mean quite pathetic.
No woman gets turned on when you just lay there like a log of wood and expect her to go the while hog and give you pleasure.
6. Bad hygiene
It is very disconcerting when a woman is with a man who is dirty with smelly feet, dirty finger nails, bushy armpit and pubic region.
Try to look clean at all times so she can have fun exploring the whole of you.

7. Going down on her for too long or not long enough

There is for sure a happy medium here, although clearly, that will be different for everyone. Going down on someone for a minute means you’re lazy, not really interested, and just trying to get an ‘A’ for effort.
This is always transparent and never appreciated. It begs the question: Why bother? On the flip side, spending an hour down there is simply an overkill.
Learn to know when and where to stop; the trick is knowing when she is ready and wanting you to move from giving her a head to the real penetration.
Don’t torture her because it’s ‘what you like doing.’ Listen to us (refer to Number #3).

8. Trying to take control of the vibrator

No, you can’t hold the vibrator! It just doesn’t work like that. You’re not four years old and it’s not your toy. If she asks you to help, that’s one thing, but if you think you know the exact right spot to hold it, you’re insane. It’s simply impossible for another person to figure that out.
9. Bragging about how good you are before anything happens
Nine out of 10 times, men who boasts about their $exual prowess are, well, not so good in bed. What if you keep going at it and when the action time comes, you experience a slight malfunction? Nine out of 10 times, she would not give you another chance to redeem your image.
Be humble. Be quiet. Show. Don’t tell. If you’re good, she will be the first to tell you.

10. Being too quiet
Women want you to be more active and show you are alive and enjoying yourself. Keeping quiet while having $ex is a complete turn off for some women because they want you to let them know they are pleasing you.
Zero communication and complete silence feels very disconnected, detached and just plain weird.

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