5 Reasons You Should Not Marry Your Girlfriend

5 Reasons You Should Not Marry Your Girlfriend

Marriage is considered to be one of the most essential phases of your life. And no one wants that to be a completely ruined journey with an incompatible partner beside them. Choosing the right partner is the biggest challenge before you take the leap. But how would you be able to decide whether they are the best for you or not!
Are you anyhow thinking of marrying your girlfriend? Then take your time and try to find out these 5 undeniable reasons for which you should not marry your girlfriend! As you would learn more about these, it is expected that you would be making better marriage decisions.
5. She wants financial care
Women are long out of the 1960s ideas and do not wish to be financially dependent on their men anymore. But you might come across someone in a while who would find this idea still reasonable. If she is working before marriage and intends to quit her job after marriage then think if that is completely alright for you. Once you have children, it becomes a different story but before that would you like to be the only one who bears all the financial costs of your marriage life? If this is not something you want from your future wife then rethink about your decision once more.
4. She does not like boys’ nights out
Once you start dating someone, you must look up whether they make any objections on your night out matters or not. If she insists you on stop hanging out with your friends then you must not marry her! She might think that boys get in trouble together or she might not like your friends or any other possible reason associated to it. But that should work as a negative marking for her. Your girlfriend or future wife must not have the right to choose with whom you should hang out or be friend with.
3. She has no friends of her own
If your girlfriend or future wife does not have any friend already then it is very unlikely of her to have one after marriage. This ultimately means that you are going to be her only one for all her social interactions which could possibly cause some problems. As this could get really tiresome when you would want some time for yourself or your own friends but she wants you to be there for her at all times. So, if you think these things to be extremely tough for you to tackle then give a second thought about your marriage with her. Besides, no couple should spend their whole time together.
 2. You guys know each other for a few months
Although it sounds very exciting to have found the love your life and want to marry them. Yet, you must not hurry about these delicate and important matters at the same time. Have you dated her for almost or mare than a year? Have you got the proper knowledge of her in every season, function, holiday etc? If not, then you are advised to give your relationship a bit more time so that you guys could understand each other pretty well. And find out whether you are ready to compromise for each other and their families or not.
1. A one-sided relationship
Relationships need to be 50/50. One must not be doing all the special arrangements, taking up the financial courses, doing the household work and the other to just enjoy herself or almost do nothing. Contribution is required from both the sides or else a one-sided relationship cannot work very well. If you are the only one who brings up ideas in making your relationship work then you are probably with the woman you should not marry.
Take time and think for long and hard before taking up a decision. People don’t often improve after marriage and hence what they are today could get better after marriage. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it would be a positive thing. So, are you going to marry your girlfriend now?

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