Are you worried you are one minute man – See 8 ways You can Naturally last longer in bed

Premature ejaculation or the inability to last long while having $ex is one of the most embarrassing situations for a man. And it is nit fun for the woman either because it ends all too sudden.

It is especially frustrating for a woman who takes some time before getting aroused because just as she is set to come to tune with what is happening to her, the man is done.
As a guy, the bedroom is probably the one instance where you don’t want to finish first. $ex experts agree that nothing makes you feel more insecure than coming up short when it matters most. If you’re plagued by this $exual shortcoming, relax. There are numerous ways to last longer in bed.
Here are steps you can take to last longer in bed, naturally, without taking any $ex enhancement drugs.
1. Study the Kama Sutra
There is a technique mentioned in the Kama Sutra for delaying ejaculations that basically comes down to training yourself to last longer. To get to this level, you must start slowly with no more than one ‘in/out’ stroke every three seconds.
You then build more strokes slowly over the course of 4 or 5 minutes, until you are moving one stroke per second. If you start to feel like are going to come, just stop and hold yourself inside your partner until you feel in control again. Then you can begin the whole process again.
2. Get out of your head
Performance anxiety is the number one killer of sustaining an erection and lasting longer in bed. Instead, shift your thinking to a more confident inner voice, as opposed to a worried voice.

When you begin to feel anxiety, the strategy is to stop, take a breath, and then focus on how things feel in the body. Stay out of your head and get into your body, that is, focus on the feelings that your body is producing for you.
3. Change things up
The best thing to do if you’re getting close to the edge? Alter your speed, go slow or even pull out without breaking the rhythm.
Try teasing your woman, taking your pen*s out and rubbing just the head of it sensually up and down and between her labia. Vaginas have lots of nerve endings clustered in the lower portion of their vaginal canal, so this move will still be very enjoyable for her to experience.
4. Slow down!
Instead of the fast-paced jack-hammering style that many men are so fond of, try taking your time. $ex at a slower pace leads to a more connected experience for both partners. It’s more sensual because you are caressing and exploring the rest of her body.
Kiss her neck, nuzzle her ear, let your hands gently explore her body. The most important thing to keep in mind that will help you last longer? Enjoy the journey that leads to your destination.

5. Try a different kind of exercise
Many $ex experts have often recommend exercising the PC muscles (or pubococcygeus muscle). These are the ones that stretch from the anus to the urinary sphincter. To figure out how to squeeze and contract the PC muscles, try stopping your urine flow while you’re in the middle of peeing.
You’ll know it when you try it. Three sets of 15 reps per day should do the trick.  Daily PC muscle reps help a guy to literally pump himself up. Squeezing those muscles triggers good blood flow to the pen*s, which in turn leads to mental confidence.
6. Practice the 7 and 9 method
This is similar to the Kama Sutra method. But the 7 and 9 technique could be more exciting because it all happens inside her and you have to be careful not to allow yourself to be carried away.
The 7 and 9 technique is a 7 fast in/out strokes, followed by 9 slow in/out strokes. Then repeat: 7 fast, 9 slow, 7 fast, 9 slow. This rhythm is good for guys who don’t last quite as long as their partner needs, and good for the ladies as it establishes a good rhythm for her stimulation too.
7. Don’t go too deep
If you feel that continued deep thrusting will bring on an all-too-quick orgasm, try penetrating only the lower portion of her vagina – in other words, take more shallow thrusts without pushing too far in. Also, alternating between shallow and deep thrusts can make you last longer, and will also make the experience a lot more fun.

8. Squeeze
The squeeze method is another that many experts have suggested over the years. There are three areas of the pen*s where squeezing or applying pressure can help a man sustain or maintain an erection.
You can employ the help of your woman to effectively handle the squeeze method.
For the first, make a tight ring with the index finger and thumb around the base of the shaft when it is erect, simulating a penile ring. It can help a man keep blood flow to the engorged pen*s.
The second: Apply pressure on the underside of the head. That’s a male hot spot, densely packed with nerves. And finally, pressing on the perineum, or the spot between the anus and the base of the testicles is another very effective squeeze technique. It will feel like the tip of the nose. If pressed with the fingers, it will congest the flow of ejaculate and help quell the early release of the erection.

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