How to find your girlfirend’s G-spot and give her the best orgasm of her life


The G-spot is responsible for some of the most intense orgasms a woman can have, including squirting. If you want her addicted to you and you touch, then this simple road map to her G-spot is the way to go.

1. Start from the Outside:  Use both sets of index fingers and thumbs to gently squeeze the outer labia (the lips that’ll have hair if she doesn’t shave). Massage them, pinch them (lightly) and pull them up, down and away from her. This helps her relax because it shows that she’s “in the hands” of a man who knows how to pleasure the female body and it’ll improve blood circulation to her entire genital region, which will get her more aroused and begin the G-spot swelling.

2. Head inside: Most men do 1 of 2 things when fingering a woman; either they use their finger as a small pen*s and try to “penetrate” her in and out, or they go straight for the G-spot. Instead, insert a finger, curl it up and turn it as if you’re turning a key to lock or unlock a door. Start clockwise, turning slowly as far as your wrist will go, and then go back counter-clockwise. You’re basically using the tips of your finger(s) to push on and expand her vaginal canal — which is another delicious sensation most guys just don’t know about. If she’s really enjoying it, try twisting and thrusting at the same time. Just be sure to start slowly and gain speed as you go along, rather than grinding away as soon as you enter.

3. Find the spot:

By now her G-spot should be swelling up into a now-noticeable “balloon” and it should be located anywhere from one to three inches inside of her on the roof of her vagina (assuming she’s lying down on her back). It’ll feel like a raspberry, very different in texture than the rest of the vaginal wall. When you find this patch begin making the “come here” gesture, facing the front wall of the vagina. Don’t expect an instant reaction. In fact she might feel nothing at all in the beginning. Keep stroking it as if making a scooping motion. The more you keep doing this, the more she might think she needs to pee. It’s completely normal, because the sensation of female ejaculation feels almost like urination. Make sure she’s relaxed and feels safe, not stressed or self-conscious, and remind her that it’s not really urine. Just in case, have her urinate before you start stimulation, so you are sure it is not urine.

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