Just 4 Laughs – 10 Signs That God Is Punishing You For Your Sins

These are the signs that you are suffering from the wages of your sins

1. If a goat passes and your joystick rises above the normal level
2. If you carry an expo into the exam hall and you can’t recognize your own handwriting
3. If you mistake super glue for vaseline when self servicing, God is punishing you for your sins
4. If you want to chop and clean mouth from your maid, and you eventually impregnated her.
5. If you attend church service not to worship God but to charge your phone, only to get to where your phone was plugged and it has been stolen
6. If a rat enters your room, locates your folder and eats your original Bsc certificate
7. If you travel from Lagos to Sokoto by road just to bleep a kitty-cat, and you got involved in a ghastly road accident
8. If you are a woman wrapper and you open a thread to profess your love to a lady, only to see her storm on the thread calling the moderators to close down the thread
9. If the person you bashed in the public transport happens to be your interviewer
10. Feel free to add the last one
*Abeg na joke oooo*

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