”The Type Of Phone You Use Is A Reflection Of Who You Are” (Must Read)

Phones they say are just necessities and not luxury but in many parts of the world especially in Nigeria, many people see phones as luxury and they tend to want to use the very expensive ones even when they can’t afford it and knowing fully well that any phone can be stolen

no matter how well you guard it.This has made me believe that indeed the type of phone we use goes a long way to tell us about who we are.
Some will say its a gift but then most times,the source of the gift is also a pointer to your personality So if you meet any guy or lady,it is very easy to know their personality just by taking a look at the cost of the phone the person uses in comparison with the person’s financial status especially in Nigeria..How?

1.A Guy or lady who works but uses an expensive phone that costs higher than their monthly salary is wasteful.

2.A jobless lady who uses an I-phone 6 or very expensive phone is either a runs girl or has rich parents while a jobless guy who uses an I-phone 6 or a very expensive phone must be a yahoo guy or has very rich parent.

3.A gainfully employed man or woman who uses phones quite cheaper than their monthly salary is very prudent.
4.People who brag about their love for expensive phones irrespective of their income are proud and extravagant.
5.A very financially ok person who uses phones less than 10k is very secretive and could be hiding something.
6.Anyone who uses a phone that is binded by rubber or taped is terribly broke.
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