Read Woman’s Touching Love Story How She Married Anonymous Man Who Donated Sperm to Save Her (Photos)

A woman who was faced with the difficulties after losing two sons has told her survival and love story of how a sperm donor saved her life.
Aminah Hart and Scott Anderson on their wedding day with their daughter Leila
A woman has married the anonymous sperm donor who is the biological father of her daughter, reports The Sun.
The report reveals that after losing two sons to a genetic disease, Aminah Hart felt her last chance to have a healthy child was through an anonymous donor.
She selected 42-year-old farmer Scott Anderson after he ‘stood out’ during the selection process. When Leila turned two, Ms Hart became curious and googled clues to the mystery man’s identity.
However, after that she decided to take things further by making formal request to contact the twice divorced ‘happy and healthy’ cattle farmer who also had four children of his own.
Ms Hart said: “We managed to keep it quite a private day and it was just beautiful.
“There was a lot of love in the room for us. People were really happy to see two people so happy.”
But Ms Hart said she wouldn’t “ever advocate (sperm donation) as a dating service”.
She continued: “What happened to Scott and I is such a random thing. He was basically just a brief profile on a piece of paper. He could have been anyone.”
“The fact that we met and we liked each other and we fell in love and all of those things are still so far-fetched to me.”

“Sometimes we do look at each other and go, ‘you and I met through (Leila) and we’re married now’. It’s kind of bizarre.”
Aminah and Leila on the wedding day
Now, two years later, Aminah has penned a memoir How I Met Your Father and a production company is due to turn the couple’s unusual love story into a movie.
In the book Aminah describes the loss of her two sons, Marlon and Louis, who were born with X-linked myotubular myopathy – which only affects boys.
Marlon lived for just 14 weeks and Louis died at 14 months.
Aminah continued: “Because their lives were so short I thought it would be a beautiful thing for them that can bring them to life and give their life a bit more meaning and context.

“I realised how emotionally we wrap things up in little boxes and tuck them away just to carry on. To access that part of my life was really emotional.”
Ms Hart, now in a much happier place, said she did not take for granted the joy she had with her daughter and new husband.

“(Leila) is such an easy kid to parent, just a delight. She wakes up smiling goes to bed smiling,” she said.

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