Top 10 Nollywood’s Best On-Screen Couples (Photos)

Below are TOP 10 Nollywood On-Screen couples. Feel free to add/subtract….and some actors will be re-shuffled becuase they were good with more than one person

10. Funke Akindele & Folarin Falana (Falz)
Our number 10 Couple are Jenifa and Segun from Jenifa’s diary….it’s almost impossible to not laugh whenever these people are on-screen. My favourite scene was where Shege finally spoke to Jenifa and she discovered his English is not as fresh as he is. These guys are just hilarious together, hard to deny their on-screen chemistry.

9. Saint Obi & Stephanie Okereke
If there was ever a Mr & Mrs. Smith from Nollywood, look no further than these two action-packed actors for the lead roles.
Stephanie remains one of a handful to successfully execute the role of a bad-ass, bike-riding female criminal in the Nigerian industry, and need I say anything on the Nigerian Van Damme himself, Saint Obi?
Both actors gave us memorable roles in More Than A Woman where Steph was the criminal Saint, the detective had been trailing unknown to him. They both end up in love, but not without some fight scenes

8. Adesua Etomi & Wole Ojo
Very few can say they watched the movie ‘Brave’ featuring these two acts without shedding a few tears. They gave us 30 minutes of tears and happiness.
You’ll find fewer short films that can pull the emotions they we’re able to pull with their story of th happy couple that encounter difficulties after they’re involved in an accident that leaves the husband paralysed. Truly an enthralling piece and both actors executed their roles brilliantly

7. Genevieve Nnaji & Muna Obiekwe
Oh these two def had some mad chemistry. Whether he was a ghost come to make restitution by saving the beautiful damsel from his vile brother in ‘He Lives In Me’ or the injured prince the enemy princess nurses back to health in ‘Warrior’s Heart’, their chemistry was a beauty to watch. They flowed so well, it had most people just daydraming and what a beautiful couple they made as well.
Too bad Muna died so young, most of us would have loved one more love story from these two brilliant actors

6. Ramsey Noah & Nkiru Sylvanus
I know, they’re an unconventional pair, right? You’ll probably think different if you watched Staff of Odo…they may not have many works together, but this one movie was explosive.
Nkiru never looked better next to anyone, and the delectable Ramsey was his usual $exy self with some assertiveness, their chemistry was enough to grab them a number 6 spot on this list.

5. Adesua Etomi & Blossom Chukwujekwu
…But why aren’t they a couple? They look so good togethr. These two more or less are today’s RMD & Stella, they had their breakthrough with Knocking On Heaven’s Door some years back where he was the abusive husband and she the enduring wife, this movie can enter the hardest person’s bone marrow. They were so good, they’ve been cast in other movies together.
When she was announced the Best Actress in a Drama at the recent AMVCA’s for the movie Falling (another movie they were cast together) he was her escort to the stage and they looked so yummy together

4 Kate Henshaw & Basorge Tariah:
Long before there was Jenifa and Shege, audiences nationwide got their daily dose of humour from DoGood and Emem on Candlelight. The series was so popular because of this duo, our teachers named canes ‘DoGood’ then because of Basorge’s character as a cane-wielding teacher.
For those who missed this hilarious couple, AfricaMagic have done humanity a favour by bringing the characters back to life in the aptly named ‘DoGood’ sitcom. Maybe not as epic as their younger days, but they still pack the needed punch to make you bawl with laughter.

3. Nse-Ikpe Etim & Joseph Benjamin
There aren’t many people who have not watched this movie at least twice because of the electrifying performance by these two acts.
What happens when you mix the suave, $exy son of a politician with the local, kinda crazy daughter of a laundryman? Well, if we go by what we saw in Mr & Mrs, an awesome, drama-filled home!
This movie was so on-point it was almost impossible to pick out any fault

2. Genevieve Nnaji & Emeka Ike
These two were each other’s love interests so much, people thought they were dating at some point.
Whether he was the wicked teacher who got her blind and was forced to marry her or the poor loverboy in ned of le boo’s family’s acceptance, Emeka and Genevieve certainly had a thing back in the day. It also didn’t hurt that they looked good together

1. Stella Damasus & RMD
*drumroll*…and presenting, the best Nollywood On-screen couple over the years….the charming Richard Mofe-Damijo and the bautiful Stella Damasus….I mean, who didn’t want these two to hook-up back then?
My best movie with both actors was the movie where he died and his spirit lived with her for almost a year (they were married) and she had no idea he was dead.
RMD and Stella are maturity personified with their flawless delivery of their characters and a replacement for such perfection may prove difficult to find

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