Actress Rita Edochie replies trolls attacking her over her makeup in this photo

It is not uncommon sight to see Nigerian celebrities being trolled and criticised for every course of action they take. What is, however,
surprising is when such celebrity chooses to reply the trolls and pay them back in their own coin.

Recently, several supposed fans of Nollywood actress Rita Edochie took to criticising her looks on Instagram. Although they were not exactly about her appearance, they went on and on about her makeup. These fans expressed a deep discontent for the way the makeup of the veteran actress made her look.
For them, she did not look authentic or real in the makeup. Their comments registered their approval of her natural face and a strong disapproval of her made up look.

Rita Edochie who is married to the brother of the legendary actor Pete Edochie did not brush past their comments or take it lightly.
Rather, she replied to them just as they have addressed her.
The lady who is both a mother and an actress spat fire at these fans who did not like her makeup. She rhetorically asked them that who were they to complain when her husband did not. More so, she said she was pretty anyways and did not care what they said about her looks.
According to Rita, the trolls were meant to face their business.
See the dialogues below:

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