Ebony Lips reveals how she has been breastfeeding her husband over the last 7 years of their marriage

Ebony Lips who is known for dishing out relationship advice on social media as well as selling s*x enhancement drugs is marking her wedding anniversary.

According to her, she used to have big boobs but serious and concentrated sucking from her husband made the round natural assets flat. Ebony Lips has always boasted that she has one of the best husbands in the world despite being deficient in looks.

Read her note below as attached to the throwback pictures here:
“Me myself and my husband, yes I’m very proud to show of my husband because God loves me, I might not have the beauty but God COMPENSATE me with amazing man that most women are looking for,but I’m blessed!!!!! All you beautiful women that’s looking for a man or woman God almighty will SURELY compensate you with your own man or woman, #7years ago when I had big breast but my husband finished and sucked my tits dry oooo, my husband loves breastfeeding and I breastfeeding him whenever he wants it,as many times as he wants it oooo,now the thing is flat like 2 bedroom flat ooo,God bless you beautiful people”

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